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Several fiction and fantasy concepts from movies and books have become real life inventions. Many of those original ‘ideators’ may not have guessed that their imaginations will come true.

Smart watches, video chatting, touch screen phones and tablets, tracking devices and virtual reality headsets were all in the movies before you or I could experience them in real.

The splendid city of Dubai – where I have been happily living for the past 5 years – has its own proud share of making movie-like concepts come true. I am not talking about just tech but also architecture, vision and innovation incubation.

The vision of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum is to make Dubai pull the future fast forward.

Below are 5 such concepts that blow my mind – and that of several others:

  1. Flying taxi: As a child, most of us grew up reading about or watching The Arabian Nights and Aladdin on his flying ‘car’pet (no cars back then, not much traffic, just narrow streets, stalls, people and camels). Some may also know Jetson‘s flying car. It’s no longer just a fantasy. WHAT, a flying car is no longer a fantasy??? Dubai’s Roads and Transports Authority announced 2 months ago that the Dubai skies will soon witness the world’s first flying taxis (E-hang drones). Is this a decade long plan? No way, this is coming to life as soon as this summer!!
  2. Aladdin city: Keeping with the Aladdin tone, wasn’t that fantasy fabulous, the palace and all other structures around? I’d pay to experience that city if I had to. Dubai Municipality is just about to give us that city’s experience. Aladdin city, a mixture of traditional and trendy structure, will be ready as early as 2018! With 6 magnificent towers, moving bridges and genie’s lamp-like connection, Aladdin city will definitely be on the must-see lists of Dubai visitors.
  3. MBR City – District one: In one of the sequels of Resident Evil, a city’s temperature is controlled with rain, snow and other such simulations. If you thought that concept was ‘OH COOL!’, what would you say if it’s possible in real world? AAAAAHAA! Yes, Dubai is building MBR City – District One, a complete temperature controlled city with weather simulations. Imagine the possibility of feeling cold in the snow, sweating in heat and getting drenched in rain, all the same day in the same city? #MarvelousX100 is my take. Once ready, this new city will host over 180 million visitors annually.
  4. Museum of the future: In Guardians of the Galaxy 2, GOD EGO has those oval shaped pod like structures to simulate the future and then create it in real. He creates several worlds through those simulations. Dubai’s Museum of the future has been created with a similar concept and a single large vision of ‘See the future, create the future’. What’s more? It’s shape is almost identical to that of the movie. Not sure if the movie inspired Dubai or Dubai inspired the movie (I’d think the latter as the movie was made very recently).
  5. 3D printing – office of the futureStartrek, Jurassic Park 3 and IronMan have all projected 3D printing at some capacity or the other, starting from the late 80s all the way until just a few years ago. While most other countries (and hence cities too) were too busy watching such concepts in movies, Dubai, as always, put itself way ahead of the game. Dubai’s Office of the future is the world’s first fully 3D printed office, located just a few meters away from the office of the ruler. Dubai wants to be a global hub for 3D printing and what better way to put its name on the leader board?

These are just 5 examples from Dubai and I’m sure that there are several other cities doing a bunch of other exciting things too! And for those cities that aren’t, you snooze you loose. Congratulations in advance on facing the same fate as that of dinosaurs.

What do you think about Dubai and its making things happen attitude? Which other cities and examples would you like to share? Leave your comments below.

PS One thing I would love to see becoming real, but don’t believe it’s possible, is the time machine from BACK TO THE FUTURE!

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