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Amongst the top to-do’s in their bucket list for global motorbike junkies and majority Indians is a ride in and around the Ladakh region of Kashmir valley. It has been my dream since I was 16 or so.

While resigning from Naseba as the Director, Events & Expo in March, I decided to enjoy a 2-3 months break before committing to my next career move. Call it a mini sabbatical from ‘work’ in general and not the company.

But little did I expect that pausing my professional ride will enable my personal dream ride across the Ladakh region.

Last week I rode my life-long favorite Royal Enfield Bullet over 1,000kms from Srinagar to Leh and around the Ladakh region which included:

  • The laps and glaciers of the world’s mightiest mountain – the HimalayasEnjoyed my life’s first snow, was way more than expected. There’s always new things to look out for, learn and cherish in our professional lives too if we open our minds.

One of the 3 most dangerous roads in the world – Zojila Pass. Riding the narrow roads with deep valleys, snow laden roads and slush was similar to the corporate bumps. The ride isn’t always easy but the destination keeps us going and reaching there is what matters the most.

Two highest motorable roads of the world – Khardung La and Chang La. It was very high altitude (~16,000 feet) with lack of oxygen but I didn’t face any issues. Riding these passes, I reiterated to myself that one’s base/fundamentals are utmost important for growth and sustenance.

Close proximity to India’s borders with Pakistan and China (Tibet) despite the brewing tension between them and my proud nation. Thriving under pressure and dealing with critical situations/partners are amongst my professional strengths so it was no surprise that I was enthralled to be by the borders.

So-called high risk areas of the Jammu & Kashmir valley during red-alert national elections season. But, there wasn’t a tinch of worry there and people were very warm and friendly. Sometimes, its important to venture into tricky turfs to realise it isn’t always as bad as others put it.

  • Why am I sharing all this on Linkedin? To highlight how important personal breaks are amidst our busy professional lives and to draw some parallels too.For all those who are busy with their careers, take a mini break or sabbatical, if you can, and you’d be surprised with what it can offer you in terms of experience, new opportunities, clarity of thoughts and more.Thank you @Naseba for giving me the opportunity to serve you successfully for 7 years and gain intangible wealth (knowledge, experience and relationships) in the process.A big shout to @Gagan Gowda and @Olive Planet Bengaluru for helping me with riding gears and some travel logistics.
What are your thoughts? What would you like to add?

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